Making Life Better For Kids in New Castle, PA

We are more than a coffee shop. We are gathering place where each interaction, conversation, and purchase is a chance to grow together and contribute to building a stronger and healthier community. The common good of children and families in Lawrence County is the primary purpose of The Confluence – literally “slow-roasted” into the DNA of everything we do. The revenue generated by providing quality products and superior customer service fund the critical and life-changing programs of Cray Youth & Family Services.
We are literally “Making life better for kids one cup of coffee at a time.”
Donate — Coffee shop in New Castle, PA
As a social enterprise venture developed by Cray Youth & Family Services, Inc., we strive to offer free events that build community, provide a safe gathering place for all children and families and provide employment opportunities to young people. Support from the community allows us to fully achieve our mission and continue to provide community strengthening activities that make us more than just a coffee shop.
A dollar contributed to The Confluence is a dollar that gives in perpetuity, as we use those funds to strengthen our business in order to generate higher levels of earned revenue to fund Cray programming. You can make a donation to The Confluence or any of the Cray Youth & Family Services programs through by clicking on the Donate button.